The Holly's Hair Growth Story

Welcome to the home of Holly’s, and thank you for taking the time to visit our website and online store.

Here at Holly’s we live and breathe hair growth. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we regularly receive from so many of our customers, as well as being able to see and experience the difference our products are making in their lives, is the passion that drives us. It is for this reason that we are extremely excited to be able to introduce you to our amazing range of products.

For so many of us, we see our hair as a reflection of our identity, and as such, a bad hair day just equals a bad day, period. Because of this, we are acutely aware of just how deeply issues such as slow hair growth; hair-loss and balding; or thinning and brittle hair can affect our self-esteem and pride.

What You Put In Is What You Get Out

All products in the Holly’s Hair-Growth Range are 100% natural and have been specially designed to nourish your hair and to provide you with maximum growth in minimum time.

The carefully selected ingredients have been specifically formulated to aggressively combat hair-loss, while stimulating new hair growth at the same time by targeting the growth cells situated below the surface of the scalp. As mentioned above, our products are  100% natural, totally safe and easy to use. So whether you have had a really bad haircut that just does not seem to want to grow out fast enough, or if you are starting to notice that your hair is thinning out all of a sudden, or even if you are starting to experience the devastating effects of severe hair loss, then you need to try out Holly’s products sooner rather than later.

Our shampoos also work amazingly well to tame frizz and to soften dry hair, and have proven to be extremely successful in reversing hair loss due to over-processing, chemical damage, health problems, side-effects from certain medications, genetics, stress, pregnancy or even just aging.

The Benefits

The great thing about Holly’s products is that they are suitable and effective for all hair types, regardless of age or race, and they work equally well on both men and women. Growth will definitely be activated and stimulated provided the follicle is still alive. Even users with various medical conditions (Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Post Radio/Chemotherapy etc) have reported amazing results. And they are also ideal to use after Brazilian hair treatments.

When Can I Expect Results?

Really noticeable results can usually be seen after about 4 to 6 weeks. Holly’s will boost hair length, health and thickness with every application, so for best results, frequent or even daily use is highly recommended, especially in the beginning stages.

Unfortunately, there is no “overnight” miracle cure for hair-loss, and we are not going to promise you any magic potions claiming 3cm of growth in 3 days…but we can however give you the assurance that with our professional range of products, if used regularly and correctly, you will be well on your way to faster, stronger and, most importantly, healthier hair-growth.

We sincerely look forward to being part of your hair-growth journey and to being of service to you. We always welcome and appreciate your feedback, so please feel free to mail us your before and after photos. It’s always inspiring to see the difference our products can make to someone’s life.

Have a great hair day!

The Bellas Beauty Story

Welcome to the home of Bella’s, and thank you for taking the time to visit our website and online store.

Holly’s clients reading this are probably thinking “IT’S ABOUT TIME ITS BEEN 8 YEARS ALREADY!” lol

Yes , we know, you all requested that we up our game and deliver a few changes to things like packaging, sizing and new products. We do listen I promise (Jess is the best at that as we know! )

My Realisation

After much deliberation, we decided that change is in order for 2023. Deciding where to start was the hardest part – this is what has been happening in the background…

  1. Develop new products. We needed to seriously deliberate this one and do thousands of tests because we know we need to give you products that WORK and are FROM THE EARTH (good for you and the environment). Over the years we have developed products for our own personal use that we love so we thought… lets launch our favourite products we use!
  2. New name. That would allow us to add more products than only hair growth. #beyondhairgrowth
  3. New name means new labels which means… NEW PACKAGING! Yes we know… FINALLY! (Coming SOON!)

A Few Important Things…

  1. Our new products will be launched in limited quantities. We always promise FRESH stock manufactured weekly and we want to keep to that promise. If something you want is “coming soon” or “sold out” – simply WhatsApp Jess and she will put you first in line when we receive the freshly made stock.
  2. If there is a special request you would like from us – WhatsApp it to Jess and we will do our best (as normal)
  3. We aren’t perfect. Chat to Jess on WhatsApp about anything on your mind so we can try improve.

What I want you to know

Please bear with us while we make this very slow transition and have peace of mind knowing:

  1. Quality: Once Holly’s packaging changes (in the coming months) IT WILL STILL HAVE THE EXACT SAME MAGIC INSIDE.
  2. Service: Jess is still, and will always be, on WhatsApp to offer you the EXACT SAME service.
  3. The company is still owned by Gabriella and run with the exact same people and nothing internally will change. Although we might need to move to a bigger distribution centre for more space!

Have a beautiful day!


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