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  • So its been just about 3 weeks since i started my journey with Holly's Hair Growth All the time i messaged with so many questions i received quick response. Currently im... read more

    Chanelle Nella Newman Avatar Chanelle Nella Newman
    October 6, 2020

    I love this product. It really works.

    Lourette de Koker Avatar Lourette de Koker
    February 15, 2020

    Absolutely loving my hair since using Holly's Hair Growth products 👌👌

    Kim Kerspuy Harinath Avatar Kim Kerspuy Harinath
    April 3, 2021

    The service is good as the products arrived the next day. However my hair was left feeling so dry after washing, that you lose more hair trying to take knots... read more

    Khilona Mazzocco Avatar Khilona Mazzocco
    February 25, 2021
  • Before using Hollys, my hair grew maybe 2cm in 3 months. After Hollys, I saw an amazing growth of 4 cm in just 2 weeks😱. My hair is healthier, silkier, and... read more

    Theunisia Brill Avatar Theunisia Brill
    February 19, 2020

    Excellent products Value for money Excellent results

    Nuraan Nanie Abrahams Avatar Nuraan Nanie Abrahams
    November 6, 2019

    I've been using Holly's since the 13th of January. My hair is longer and thicker, and I love it! Plus ot smells good too! Definitely the best choice I've ever... read more

    Michelle Kok Avatar Michelle Kok
    March 10, 2021

    An excellent product with excellent service

    Nikita Mulder Swindon Avatar Nikita Mulder Swindon
    July 5, 2022
  • excellent products. great service. highly recommend 1 week my hair is full and has grown beautiful. Jessie is amazing

    Natalie Roach Avatar Natalie Roach
    August 26, 2022

    So excited to start my Holly's journey! After my third pregnancy and COVID, I'm suffering severe hair loss. Will keep you updated! #hairgrowth #hairloss #hair #natural #hairgoals #naturalhair #ilovehollys #hairaffair #hollys100days... read more

    Chontelez Blake-Zwarts Avatar Chontelez Blake-Zwarts
    October 8, 2022

    Just received mine. So excited

    Christa Bester Avatar Christa Bester
    May 24, 2021

    Being the Face of a Company the Face that Councils children with depression and anxiety 🙃- Holly's Hair Growth Products Arrived Today and it's Not just going to Feed my... read more

    Sylvia Friend Avatar Sylvia Friend
    June 2, 2021
  • Absolutely love this product.

    Edwina Arendse Avatar Edwina Arendse
    July 21, 2021

    Thank you Gali for the awesome service. Can't wait to see how your product works . Xxx

    Urszula Mörsner Avatar Urszula Mörsner
    January 21, 2018

    The service is amazing... I literally received mymproducts in less than a day!!! And the sales rep... Jess is so sweet and professional... Totally excited to begin!! WHOOP WHOOP🤣

    Bianca Adams Avatar Bianca Adams
    March 18, 2021

    They say the proof is in the pudding, but in this case the proof is in the lenght of your hair!!💃💃 Ive been using Holly's for exactly 2 weeks and this... read more

    Shimmy Jansen Van Rensburg Avatar Shimmy Jansen Van Rensburg
    November 30, 2018
  • The courier company who was on their way to deliver my order was robbed. The very same day Holly's was made aware of this they dispatched new products for me... read more

    Yolandi Jacobs Avatar Yolandi Jacobs
    October 22, 2021

    I'm blown away by the customer service from Holly's. They are incredibly attentive and caring and super fast in responses and providing guidance. I'm very excited to see the results... read more

    Candice Adams Avatar Candice Adams
    November 6, 2019

    I've been using these products for 10 months and i have not been happier in my life! I have been using their hair balm for 3 months and I've seen... read more

    Toni Marinus Avatar Toni Marinus
    February 23, 2021

    Hi very great service orderd my products on Fri and I received it on Monday am so excited to try the Hollys shampoo, conditioner an hair growth treatment out....

    Asif N Zarina Shaik Avatar Asif N Zarina Shaik
    May 10, 2021
  • I love holly s products alot and I've been using it since November 2017 and every one can see a difference even those who made fun off my bold... read more

    Melanie Viljoen Avatar Melanie Viljoen
    January 11, 2018

    I love Holly's Hair Growth products. My order was delivered quickly and my hair feels and looks amazing after using the products �

    Ann-marie Van Vollenstee Avatar Ann-marie Van Vollenstee
    July 18, 2017

    The best product i have ever used started 2weeks ago and already my hair has grown noticeably condition of my hair is so much healthier

    Dianne du Preez Avatar Dianne du Preez
    July 19, 2018

    I would highly recommend Hollys hair growth products. I purchased my products at the end of March and received it the following day. I have also spoken to Jess who... read more

    Tanya Geduld Avatar Tanya Geduld
    May 11, 2021
  • Lillian Brown Avatar Lillian Brown
    February 9, 2017

    Proof that Holly’s Hair Growth DOES work. The picture on the left was taken 3 months ago and the picture on the right was taken today 😊 thank you so much... read more

    Jodi Daniels Avatar Jodi Daniels
    September 29, 2020

    Very impressed with your service, I ordered yesterday was sent an email that it mite take up to 3 days. I received it this morning WOW. Used your Products this... read more

    Chris Demi Potgieter Avatar Chris Demi Potgieter
    February 1, 2022

    I've been using these products for a month and my hair loss stopped after the first week.

    Petro Rheeder Avatar Petro Rheeder
    May 20, 2021
  • wonderful awesome product

    Roslyn Jordaan Avatar Roslyn Jordaan
    September 24, 2021

    Excellent service. Delivery was fast. I've been using it now for a week and the condition of my hair has improved so so much. No more split ends, breakage and... read more

    Rensce Van der Merwe Avatar Rensce Van der Merwe
    September 11, 2021

    Holly is the best product by far.. It promotes growth and prevents hair loss.. I am very impressed with this product and will promote it everywhere I go....

    Carlinn Carli B Jansen Avatar Carlinn Carli B Jansen
    February 3, 2021

    Well it will be my first time using holly's hair products but I am super ecsited and can't wait to start

    Carlene Welgemoed Avatar Carlene Welgemoed
    February 16, 2021

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